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Place Shifting - Watching LIVE programs from a different location anywhere in the world with high bandwidth.
Watch TV online LIVE as well as streaming movies at the original time of broadcast (in realtime) using the Sling Box from a different location (Place-Shift).

Streaming REQUIRES High Speed Bandwidth on both sides, plus SlingBox.


Example:  “Sam is having a party in his new gameroom with his new 200″ flatscreen TV but he doesn’t subscribe to the sports network.  Since Sam has an attached computer and high speed internet, you log-in to your sling account from Sam’s gameroom and stream the game from your television service in real time – just like you were in front of your TV.”

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Watch previously recorded programs at a time that is convenient to you from anywhere in the world with high bandwidth.Watching previously recorded programs (time-shift) using Sling Box and a DVR-recorder from a different location (place shift). 

Streaming REQUIRES High Speed Internet on both sides, plus Sling Box and a video recorder integrated with your cable box (DVR/PVR).


Example:  “You are forced to be out of town at a business meeting during the biggest pay-per-view event of the year.  Since you are staying in a hotel with high-speed internet, you have brought your laptop with you and have pre-programmed your dvr to record the event.  As soon as the meeting is over, you are back in the hotel room, logged into your home sling box and dvr, watching the big event streaming from your dvr.

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Programs are delivered to you from the cloud - a perfect solution for low bandwidth locations.A LOW bandwidth solution!  Your favorite programs are recorded for you and automatically “forwarded” to you via cloud storage.  Plays from your local computer with NO online streaming.

Works anywhere in the world with any speed internet connection.  SlingBox not required, but other hardware is.  Please read for more details.


Example:  “Part of the year you live in Tecloban,Philippines, and the remainder of the year in Tupelo, Mississippi.  The cable tv service in the Philippines is terrible, and there is no such thing as high-speed internet.  Plus, your favorite USA night-time dramas play at 8am – when you are at work!  Before leaving the USA, program your computer to record and store your favorite shows every day in the cloud.  While you are sleeping, your favorite shows are sent or “forwarded” to your local computer through the cloud storage.  Your shows play from your computer with no internet required”.

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Welcome to Slingbox Review. This site’s goal is to give you information, choices and ideas that will help you with the purchase of the right equipment and services for your convenience and enjoyment. We focus on Slingbox reviews and the Hauppauge PVR.

I created this site because I am a user of both systems.  When I started researching the products based on my needs, I had difficulties finding real-world experiences that mimicked my situation.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to share my experience by documenting it into a website.

After reading and reviewing, I hope to help you decided if the sling box is right for you, or if another technology like the Hauppauge PVR would be a better solution.  If you are looking for mountains of press releases, and technical data direct from the makers, sorry, you won’t find it here.  That stuff is available everywhere.  What you will find here is person experience that may help you to make a better, more informed decision.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to post your comments or questions. We will do our best to respond quickly.

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